What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"We're very pleased to welcome Metropolitan Healthcare Services as our premier garage management vendor. We have had a long close working relationship with Metropolitan Healthcare Services to provide shuttle and valet service during hospital expansion. Metropolitan Healthcare Services had operated our past shuttle service and valet with unparalleled professionalism and customer service and we feel our patients and visitors again deserve the very best."

Thomas F.

"The MHS team responded with a display of leadership, service and operational effectiveness that are the hallmarks of a customer-focused, service-oriented organization."

John C. Maryland
"I am very grateful for the kindness, compassion and helpfulness of Mick. Mick is an outstanding, very efficient employee. My thanks to you and Mick."

Mary P.

"We arrived home safely. Thank you for your company. We really enjoyed sitting outside and chatting to you. Very best wishes,"

Danny & Sandra

"I'm writing to congratulate you on a really good staff. I watch Thomas and Kenny, two young men who should be occupied with being young, and see how kindly and considerately they help patients and visitors. They never rush anyone. They always have a smile and a greeting. They're patient and helpful in assisting with wheelchairs, walkers and so forth. They have a compassion and empathy for their patrons that is totally unexpected given their age. Your other staffers show the came courtesy and consideration."

Margo T.

"Stopped by this morning to compliment the valet staff, very caring and courteous."

Sonia R.

"Wanted to pass along a compliment to the valet guy, Kevin. Every time I have seen him interact with visitors or patients and their families, he is always very kind and professional. He always smiles at everyone. Every single morning I walk into work, I have my face buried in my cell phone already addressing issues of the day. However, he always gets my attention and smiles and says 'Good morning.' It's such a nice welcome each morning."

Kelli B.

"I just wanted to let you know what a great job the valets are doing in the main building. They are always happy and smiling. They are always willing to bring a car around for our patients and that is a really big help. So I just wanted them to know that we really appreciate them. Thank you."

Jody H.

"We received an outstanding comment for Jason. The guests stated he was very helpful and courteous. The guest forgot her sweater in her car and he was very kind and got it for her. We love him in the mornings. He treats the patients and families with great respect."

Nicole F.

"Mary always has an upbeat spirit and is very helpful with guests."

Chi-Kquan M.

I had the occasion to frequent the hallways and lobbies of the hospital for an extended period (3-4 days) while visiting a patient. I had to ask for directions on numerous occasions. "Your people not only solved every problem I put before them, but did it in a manner that made me feel like I was part of the normal atmosphere of the hospital. I didn’t feel like an outsider asking annoying questions."

Martin H.