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Courier Services

Carrying What Matters Most

We understand how important healthcare couriers are to the operations of your hospital. From temperature controlled medical samples to general administrative package transfers, our healthcare courier services help hospitals become more efficient and reliable.
As a premier provider of hospital support services, MHS is a healthcare courier services provider of choice for many nationwide laboratories and medical institutions. Our track record of reliability and success, particularly in the transportation market, is something you should consider when selecting a partner for your lab and general hospital courier programs.
A person in a surgical mask holding a plastic container.
Key features of our healthcare courier services include:
  • Time and temperature-sensitive pickup and delivery.
  • Customized routes and schedules – eliminating unnecessary STAT pickups.
  • HIPAA and CLIA compliant procedures and policies.
  • Seamless incorporation of your hospital procedures and quality controls by our couriers.
  • Information systems capable of providing real-time tracking of pickup and delivery.
  • A dedication to reliability, integrity and quality customer service from all our couriers At Metropolitan Healthcare Services, we understand a healthcare facility is a collaborative network of departments. Our healthcare courier services are reliable way to keep that network connected.