Metropolitan healthcare services, inc.

Certified by The Joint Commission

About Metropolitan Healthcare Services

Delivering personalized services for over 25 Years

Origin story

Originally founded in 1997, Metropolitan Healthcare Services, Inc. (MHS) was one of the first
companies to pioneer valet services for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Over the 25+ years,
MHS has evolved into a support services organization offering a range of solutions to
hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States.

Mission & Vision

MHS is committed to creating opportunities in excellence for the Healthcare Industry, building compassionate and capable teams, and proudly serving both clients and patients.

Company Values

MHS regularly assesses our performance, gathers feedback, and implements changes to enhance the care we provide. Trust Metropolitan Healthcare Services to deliver solutions that not only meet your current objectives but also anticipate your future needs.  We are certified by the Joint Commission and together, we can achieve your goals and drive positive outcomes for your facility and the patients you serve.