Metropolitan healthcare services, inc.

Certified by The Joint Commission

Certified Small, Women
& Minority-Owned Business

Clinical Ambassador

To Enhance your Services, the Clinical Ambassador:

Two nurses talking at the front desk of a hospital.
  • Greets every internal and external guest immediately upon entry and at time of departure with scripted salutations and messaging.
  • Escorts patients and family members through the clinical process: Radiology, ECG, and examination rooms while opening doors, providing wheelchair assistance, guidance, and assistance with carrying items as necessary.
  • Upon completion of the provider visit, escorts patients to the check out desk to set follow-up appointments and receive discharge instructions.
  • Prepares clinical forms, documents, and labels for the patients as required.
  • Makes phone calls to patient in reference to follow-up appointments.
  • Assists maintaining the cleanliness, comfort, and appearance of assigned work area.
  • Responds to guests’ inquiries or concerns with courtesy, patience, and sense of urgency.
  • Remains up-to-date on facility safety, emergency, and general operating procedures.
  • Within their work area, polices or responds to assist with spills on the floor, items
    improperly blocking doors, trip hazards, and misplaced furniture issues as needed.
  • Maintains current knowledge of hospital events, layout of the facility, assistance with external transportation, and general information about the area and business surrounding the facility.
  • Documents and monitors all escorts and guest interactions with the use of handheld electronic devices.
  • Is trained on hospital emergency codes and procedures.
  • Is trained as a Patient Transporter.
  • Can be cross-trained as Patient Safety Associate (PSA).
  • Delivers facility-related communications to guests as requested.