Metropolitan healthcare services, inc.

Certified by The Joint Commission

Certified Small, Women
& Minority-Owned Business

Metropolitan Healthcare Services

Excellence in Healthcare Staffing and Support Services

We are experts in staffing, operational support and transportation services for U.S. healthcare facilities of all sizes.

MHS offers a wide range of clinical and non-clinical solutions to ensure your facility is operating at optimum levels.

MHS Staffing Answers Everything

Metropolitan Healthcare Services offers the most professional and capable talent for your organization. 
We contract Nursing staff (all levels), Allied Staff (various specialties and technologies), and Ancillary Staff covering all positions and levels.  
Our goal with MHS Staffing is to provide our Healthcare Services Clients with reliable and experienced technical, medical and administrative support.  We guarantee their quality, qualifications and performance.
Encouraging our team members to be proactive contractors with job ownership in their positions, is one of our mission mantras.  We know these dedicated professionals elevate your quality of care, ensuring seamless operations and stellar patient experiences.

2024 with MHS - We Have Solutions to All Your Staffing Needs!

One-Stop Support Services Solution

Metropolitan Healthcare Support Services is your one-stop, full Support Services team.   We provide top quality Ancillary and External Services Team Members, who are thoroughly trained, have high-quality competence and become trusted and valued Staff Members for your Healthcare Organization.
MHS can provide an Organizational Assessment to help determine for which positions we can provide the best support, and how we can streamline your current support infrastructure.  We work with Organizations of all sizes and specialties, and every team member tackles their job responsibilities with integrity and impressive work ethics.

Unlock efficiency and convenience with an agency that helps source, train and place Healthcare and Support staff.  

Joint Commission Certification

At MHS, we proudly deliver exceptional healthcare services and are committed to excellence and continuous quality improvement. 

We are honored to be recognized as a Joint Commission Certified healthcare services provider. 




Join Us

MHS offers amazing opportunities for Allied  and Healthcare Staffing/Support Services, as well as Fulfillment and Recruitment Services for Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals, in all Specialties and Departments.  Our Staffing Division matches the applicants with the most highly sought after positions available, according to their qualifications, specialties and experience.


We partner with the best Healthcare Facilities and Health Systems in the country, and our Recruitment Department is second to none. We pride ourselves on focusing on the importance of single-touch communication and our competitive opportunities.  We offer in-house training courses for required certifications, job placement assistance, and one-on-one interaction with Recruitment Specialists. 


There are positions that offer sign-on bonuses and relocation reimbursements, where applicable. You also have access to our excellent Human Resources team.

MHS is proudly Certified by The Joint Commission, proving our dedication to being THE “Gold Standard” in Healthcare Organizations.  Our entire team is consistently delivering 5-star quality guidance and service.

Experience "The MHS Difference" and let us help guide your new career and build your new teams!