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Discharge Ambassador

Discharge Ambassador

Our Discharge Ambassadors are responsible for providing excellent customer service and creating an atmosphere of exceptional experience for all patients, visitors, and staff.
A nurse is helping a patient in a wheelchair in a hospital hallway.

The Benefits of Discharge Ambassador Services Include:

  • Checks-in with the nurse assigned to the discharging patient to confirm their presence and that the patient is cleared to leave.
  • Greets each patient with a welcoming smile.
  • Introduces themselves to the patient and verbalizes, in advance, how and when they are
    going to physically touch the patient to assist them in/out of a wheelchair.
  • Assists patient from bed/chair into wheelchair.
  • Assists with collecting patient belongings as needed.
  • If the patient’s driver utilized valet parking, the Ambassador will call down to the valet
    stand to notify them of the impending departure.
  • Accompanies patient to the on-campus hospital pharmacy prior to departure as needed.
  • Accompanies and remains with discharged atient until they have been properly
    released to their transportation home.
  • Documents and monitors all escorts and guest interactions with the use of handheld
    electronic devices.
  • CPR-certifed.
  • Is trained on hospital emergency codes and procedures.
  • Can be cross-trained as Patient Safety Associate (PSA).