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Certified by The Joint Commission

Clinical Technician

Clinical Technician

Our Clinical Technicians (Clin-techs) aid doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals by performing more advanced nursing care to patients under the supervision of an LPN or RN.
A nurse wearing a surgical mask and gloves in a hospital room.

To Enhance Your Services, the Clin-Tech:

  • Keeps patient rooms tidy and sanitized.
  • Assists patient with ADLs (personal hygiene, feeding, toileting, grooming etc.).
  • Monitors vital signs and patient condition.
  • Assists nurse with the accurate measurement and reporting of fluid intake and output (1/0).
  • Assists nursing staff in administering basic treatments (i.e. wound care, dressing changes, IV therapy).
  • Ensures rooms have adequate patient care supplies.

Training & Responsibilities:

  • Successful completion of MHS Clin-Tech program (80 hours).
  • Trained in phlebotomy, vital signs measurement, EKG, IV catheter, and blood glucose testing.
  • Committed to health and safety standards.
  • Empathetic and approachable.
  • CPR-certified.
  • CPI-certified.
  • Trained on hospital emergency codes and procedures.
  • Provides proof of successful completion of an accredited Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program.