Metropolitan healthcare services, inc.

Certified by The Joint Commission

Certified Small, Women
& Minority-Owned Business

What Sets MHS Apart

MHS is defined by our relationships and diversity of service offerings.

We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we have built with our clients and our employees. Our reward-for-performance philosophy ensures that we provide you with a happy, hard-working staff eager to greet your regular visitors by name or offer patrons a warm smile. Our tireless drive to find solutions and our flexible staff’s willingness to build new skill sets allow us to fulfill even highly unusual service requests.
Unlike many cookie-cutter companies, the expansion of our service menu developed by listening to our clients and their needs. And because your needs are always at the forefront of our minds, we do not offer any pre-packaged services. Our service strategies are always customized to meet each client’s individual requirements.

Specializations & Training

At MHS, training and development is an ongoing process.

All MHS employees receive their initial training through our Metropolitan Academic Center of Excellence (MACE) program.

We focus our training on all aspects of hospital support services we provide.

The main premise of our training center is to improving the HCAHPS scores for your healthcare facilities, understanding compliance with HIPAA regulations, enforcing OSHA governance and adhering to standards established by The Joint Commission.

MHS corporate leadership actively ensures its senior leaders are qualified to train and certify their employees in areas such as Lay Responder First Aid, Transporter Certification with the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM) and Crisis Prevention intervention from the Crisis Prevention Institute.

Our Team’s collective drive for knowledge and expertise goes beyond initial training sessions and certifications. Once a quarter, organizational leaders host training workshops for their employees to increase knowledge about fundamental services, introduce new concepts and reflect on lessons learned so that all MHS personnel can help provide an exceptional patient experience. 

These points reinforce our philosophy that a confident, cognizant, friendly staff builds trust with patients and hospital employees alike.

Current Trainings We Offer

Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI)

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Patient Transport Training